Singapore Prizes

A prize is an award that is given to people or organisations for achieving something notable. It is usually accompanied by a ceremony and comes with some form of financial reward. Singapore has many different types of prizes, including those for art, science, and sports. This article will focus on the Singapore Prize, which is awarded to innovators who create solutions that address global challenges such as climate change and water scarcity.

The winner will be presented with an award certificate and a gold medallion. The winning team will also receive seed funding, mentoring and discussions with policymakers to support their projects. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to showcase their work at a global forum, which will help to raise their profile and attract investment.

In a world where fake news is pervasive, it is important to be able to identify fake video and audio content. The Trusted Media Challenge, hosted by AI Singapore and SUSS, sought to develop AI models and technologies that can detect audiovisual fake media. The winners of the contest will be awarded a cash prize of $20,000, and will be eligible to enjoy other prizes such as a two-plus season exemption on the Tour, and berths in key events.

The biennial Singapore Literature Prize recognises published fiction and non-fiction in Chinese, English, and Malay. It is the richest book award in Singapore, and was started through a $1 million donation from Confucian scholar Alan Chan. The Singapore Literature Prize is administered by the National Book Development Council of Singapore and SUSS, and is modeled after the Epigram Books Fiction Prize, which was previously Singapore’s highest literary prize.

Winners of the Singapore Prize will be honoured at a ceremony at the Victoria Theatre in August. In addition to the cash prize, they will also receive a trophy and a gift code for audiobook platform Storytel. The winners will also be eligible for other prizes, such as a scholarship at NTU or a place in the Academy of Arts.

Singapore’s first national games tournament, the SG Breakthrough Prize, was launched in 1969. The game was originally conceived by the organisers of Singapore Pools as a fund-raising exercise for the construction of the first National Stadium. Each ticket cost $1 at that time, and the proceeds from the game contributed $14.5 million towards the project over a few years.

Known as the Big Sweep, the game was relaunched in 2004 with new rules that increased the Premium Prize to at least $200,000 and increased the total prize pool to $2.3 million. The new format also allowed the Premium Prize to be used for other purposes, such as supporting Singapore’s youth and education needs. This led to a significant increase in the number of finalists and a broader scope for innovation. In 2022, the SG Breakthrough Prize was expanded to include an entrepreneur category, and the top eight teams were provided with mentorship opportunities and access to potential investors.