A Guide to Sydney Dy Pools

The Australian coastline is peppered with sdy pools, a kind of bogey hole that allows people to swim safely in the surf. Many are carved out of headlands, others are lined with seaweed, and the best ones have views that are nothing short of breathtaking. The most famous is the Bondi Icebergs pool at Bondi Beach, but there are dozens more all over Sydney and in New South Wales. Many have marked swimming lanes, and when the tide is out you can often see locals doing their morning workout in them.

The pools aren’t new; they were built during the Depression to help people earn money and to provide a safer alternative to the pounding surf. They are also easier to clean than the sand and aren’t affected by the tides. In the last century, however, most people have moved away from using them and towards building swimming pools and aquatic centres.

A few of the ocean pools are now run by community organisations or councils, but most are privately owned and operated by clubs that charge an admission fee. They are popular with families and have marked swimming lanes, and if you arrive early in the day, you’ll often find a few laps being swum by a group of locals.

Most of the pools are open all year round, but they are only maintained when weather permits and when the club has enough revenue to pay for the staff needed to keep them running. If they aren’t kept up, they quickly become unsafe and dangerous. A number of them are closed for a few months each year to allow the sand to recover from storms and the water to replenish.

The sdy pools are a great option for those who are looking to avoid the chlorine of an indoor pool but still want the benefits of swimming in a beautiful natural environment. They are also a good alternative for those who want to swim but are worried about the risk of drowning.

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