Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

In the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, Hong Kong offers plenty of chances to dip your toes in water and enjoy this refreshing and rejuvenating activity. Public and government-run swimming pools are abundant in the city, but they tend to get crowded, especially during summer. If you’re looking for a more private pool experience, consider staying at a hotel with its own pool. Hotel pools offer (semi) private time, top-notch facilities, amazing views, and even dining options.

There’s no better way to cool off from the heat than taking a swim in a stunning pool, and some of Hong Kong’s hotels are home to some seriously impressive pools. Some are surrounded by gorgeous beaches, while others have indoor and outdoor pools with floor-to-ceiling windows, mirrored ceilings, and LED walls that showcase an illusion of coral reefs.

Some of these hotels also boast amazing spas, making a day at the pool even more rejuvenating. If you’re planning to move to Hong Kong with your family, make sure you check out the pool facilities before you decide on a place to live. Larger developments with several towers often have a 50-metre outdoor pool, while smaller single-tower developments may only have a small outdoor pool – still a great place for children to splash around and burn off energy!

As more and more people are becoming interested in a healthy lifestyle, the popularity of fitness centres and gyms in Hong Kong is on the rise. Many fitness centres and gyms feature an extensive range of equipment, as well as pools and spas. Some even offer personal trainers to help you reach your fitness goals.

Aside from offering a wide range of fitness equipment, some of these gyms and centres also have a range of recreational activities, such as yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and dance classes. Some have even been designed by world-renowned architects and designers, such as Ole Scheeren and Herzog & de Meuron.

hongkong pools

The coronavirus pandemic has been easing in Hong Kong, with some schools and swimming pools reopening and the quarantine period for some international arrivals being shortened. This is great news for travellers, who can now explore the city without the fear of contracting a virus. However, despite the easing of restrictions, it is important to keep in mind that the risk of infection is still present. So, whether you’re travelling to HK for business or pleasure, be sure to follow these simple safety tips to avoid infection.