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NOC Timor Leste met Prime Minister, Dr. Rui Maria Araujo,

NOC Timor Leste met Prime Minister, Dr. Rui Maria Araujo,

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Publication

Prime Minister, Dr. Rui Maria Araujo, will officially open the 11th ASEAN Peoples’ Forum, (AFP), in the Timorense capital of Dili, on the 3rd of August, 2016.

Co-Chairman of APF, Fernando “Ato” Costa, who met with Dr. Araujo today, said that the Prime Minister would also hold meetings with National and Regional participants during the Forum, which will conclude on the 5th of August.

The focus of these talks will centre on “Civil Society’s Engagement with the Government from the Government’s perspectives”.

“After the close of the Dili Summit, ASEAN’s Civil Society will prepare a joint statement, which will be released during the ASEAN Summit in September in Laos,” Ato Costa said.

“The statement will include a number of topics relating to politics, the economy, human rights, and community justice.Two important issues will centre on Timor-Leste’s application to become a member country of ASEAN and the ongoing maritime border issue between the Republic and Australia,” he added.

Other topics listed for discussion ares social, political and economic issues, which the ordinary people of South Asia are currently experiencing.

The Prime Minister also called on ASEAN’s civil society to focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) during the workshops and discussions.

Members of the The National Organising Comittee (NOC), who also attended today’s meeting with Dr. Araujo, have organised a number of plenary sessions, 26 parallel workshops with 12 thematics, as well as a film festival, a long-march and a Solidarity night, when the former President of Timor-Leste and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Jose Ramos Horta, will deliver a speech on International Solidarity, Peace and Development.

Prime Minister Araujo also suggested some key ideas on how to work closely with the country’s security authorities in order to ensure the safety of the regional Forum and, in particular, the safety of the participants from ASEAN member states.

The August Forum will be the largest ever staged in Dili with more than 800 people scheduled to attend 400 of the participants are coming from ASEAN countries.


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