Guiding Principles and Engagement Modality

Engagement Modality

Endorsing groups will need to agree to this General Engagement Modality

• ‘OPENING DOORS’ – providing a platform for more people to be involved.
• PARTICIPATION – to get as many groups and communities as genuine partners. This would involve getting people from grassroots community, Sabah and Sarawak and also groups who are not generally in the front line.
• CONSULTATIVE/DIALOGUE – inclusive engagement in the dialogue processes.
• COALITION BUILDING – as some of the members are part of different networks, there is an opportunity to build coalitions.
• CONSENSUS – in the spirit of democratic decision process we endeavor for consensus building and respect of ideas.
• CITIZEN SPACES – spaces for common people to voice their issues.
• RESPECT DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVITY – to respect differences of opinions, representation of people/issues, openness to learn and to engage.
• NON-VIOLENCE – to rejection promotion of violence or incitement of hatred.

Guiding Principles

ACSC/APF NOC would have to abide and believe in these guiding principles below

• HUMAN RIGHTS – adhere to international human rights principles and standards as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights laws;
• DEMOCRACY – principle of democratic process to be respected;
• GOOD GOVERNANCE – to be participatory, consultative and have genuine engagement and dialogue;
• RULE OF LAW – to adhere to the rule of law;
• NON-DISCRIMINATION – to respect that everyone is equal irrespective of race, religion, sex, gender, social opinion and other status, etc;
• NONRETROGRESSIVE / PROGRESSIVE/EVOLUTIONARY – not to regress in term of human rights and to be updated with current minimum standards; and
• COMMITMENT TO SPREAD AWARENESS ON ASEAN- socializing ASEAN to the constituents.