2 - 6 August 2016
Centru Convensaun Dili (CCD)

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    Arrival of Participants

    **Airport pick-up**

    Community site visits

    8:00am - 12:30pm
    1. National NGO RAEBIA (at Farmers group, Behau Village - Manatuto)
    2. ALOLA ESPERANSA Production Center (Weaver group in Taibesi, Dili)
    3. HABURAS Foundation (
    During ACSC/APF 2016, RAEBIA will be a place of site visiting program and for participants who are interested to see directly what is done by RAEBIA in the community can register on this link or  email : or register by phone to : +(670) 77231426 In this program, interested participants can involve in a community discussion in the Behau village, Manatuto and visit RAEBIA Resource Center. For more information about program agenda, please download here! or visit RAEBIA website or download RAEBIA brochure here. On the same day , the participants also can visit to the Alola Esperansa production center on Taibessi - Dili . In 2005, ALOLA Foundation set up a project called ALOLA ESPERANSA with the aim to support the program, especially Alola Economic Development program to help develop small industries for Timorense weavers and improve the status of Timorense women. This industry as a way to provide an outlet for the weavers to sell traditional textiles are known as "tais" and also provide employment opportunities for women. High quality handicrafts that are sold at Alola Esperansa outlet produced in Alola Production Center at Taibesi. "We produce more than 83 different products. One week, we can make some parts, but a lot depends on the size of the product, large bags, one week we can produce 5-10 pieces and smaller product like a pencil, we can produce more two hundred a week ", said Ms. Ofelia Neves, Production Manager of Alola Esperansa It would be very pleasant for the participants who love the traditional fabric because with fee USD 10 can see directly how the traditional fabric on Timor-Leste weaving. Not only that , this visit will be a wonderful moment because you can discuss with the weavers and could try to fell how hard to weave a traditional fabric. In the same visit , the Team of Economic Empowerment Program will also perform a demonstration of how natural coloring using local ingredients. For participants who are interested in joining this  program can register to the email : or or contact directly to Mrs. Ofilia Neves with phone (+670) 77232509. Download Alola Esperansa Brochure, click here! IMG_0101 IMG_0109 IMG_9421 IMG_3502-001      

    Participants arrival

    **Airport pick-up**

    Welcome dinner and culture night

    **Hosted by President of the Republic**
    1. Introduction to APF
    2. An Overview of Timor-Leste

    Opening Ceremony

    Traditional dance to welcome participants Speeches:
    1. H.E. Mr. Rui Maria de Araujo, Prime Minister of Republic of Timor-Leste (TBC)
    2. H.E. Latsamy Keomany, Lao PDR Committee of Permanent Representative to ASEAN (TBC)
    3. H.E. Dr. AKP Mochtan, Deputy Secretary-General (TBC)
    4. Mr. Fernando da Costa, ACSC/APF2016 Co-Chairs
    5. Mr. Jerald Joseph, ACSC/APF2016 Co-Chairs
    6. Dr Maydom , Chair of APF NOC Lao PDR – (TBC)

    Plenary 1

    "From the Margins to the Center" Objectives:
    1. Discussions on enabling Peoples to towards the center of ASEAN, how possible would it be?
    2. Partnership of civil society with governments, what mechanism can it make work better
    1. H.E. Leni Robredo (Vice President of Philippines) (TBC)
      CSO Reactor Panel (5 minutes each)
    1. Timor-Leste (Focus on economic pillar)
    2. TBC (Focus on Social-Cultural Pillar)
    3. TBC (Focus on Political-Security Pillar)
    Moderator: Jerald Joseph, ACSC/APF2016 Co-Chair

    Plenary 2 Dialogue

    "Maritime and Territorial Issues on ASEAN Peoples ” Objectives:
    • Expounding the sovereignty of maritime boundary and territorial disputes for development
    • Impact of Cross borders and natural resources issues to the life of the peoples
    • Looking at the SDG and its commitment for ASEAN on these issue
    1. Mr. Thomas Freitas (MKOTT)
    2. Mr. Riza Damanik, Indonesia
    3. (Vietnam speaker) on the South China Sea
    Moderator: Gus Miclat, IDD

    Plenary 3

    "Shrinking Civic Spaces in ASEAN" Objectives:
    • Looking at civil society that is operating in an environment that is under threat by many ways by legal and illegal means to silence dissent
    • ASEAN Community Vision must mean a vibrant civil society that can operate in an empowering environment
    • Articulate the true state of the ASEAN people in terms of our current economic, political, social, cultural and emerging challenges that impact human rights defenders
    1. Ms. Ambiga Sreenevasan, former chair BERSIH, Malaysia (TBC)
    2. Mr. Soeung Saroeun, Cooperative Committee for Cambodia (CCC), Cambodia (TBC)
    3. Ms. Chalida Tajaroensuk, People's Empowerment Foundation (PEF), Thailand
    4. Mr. Victor Mambor, (Independent Alliance of Journalist -AJI Papua) Indonesia
    Moderator: Timor-Leste Moderator (TBC)

    Celebrating ASEAN Change

    "People at the Centre"  Objectives:
    • The evolution of nations in ASEAN must translate into a people centered governments in ASEAN
    • How will ASEAN be able to transform itself to embrace people as its asset
    1. H.E. Mr. Xanana Gusmáo (TBC)
    Moderator: Fernando da Costa, ACSC/APF2016 Co-Chair

    Parallel discussion Session 1

    Thematic Issues / Workshops

    Parallel discussion session 2

     Thematic Issues / Workshops

    Parallel discussion Session 3

     Thematic Issues / Workshops

    Plenary 4

    "ASEAN Bodies Anchoring People at its Core”
    • Examining effectiveness of ASEAN bodies that must implement the demands of the ASEAN Charter and Vision
    • Seeking new ways to bolster ASEAN bodies to be more pro-people towards an ASEAN-Centred Community Vision
    1. Mr. Edmund Bon (AICHR Malaysia Rep)
    2. Aurora Jawate de Dios (ACWC Phil. Rep) (TBC)
    3. Sinapan Samydorai, AFML
    4. Ms. Elaine Tan, ASEAN Foundation (TBC)
    Moderator: Atnike Sigiro, FORUM-ASIA

    ACSC/APF Engaging ASEAN – Ten Year Review Report:

    • Reflect on milestones, achievements and challenges to moving towards a people-centered ASEAN (reflections on the 10 year review of the )
    • To solicit feedback from Participants before the report is finalized

          1. Ms. Corinna Lopa

           Moderator: Dr. May Shi Sho

          (synopsis of the report will be printed for all)

    Peace Rally/Solidarity Evening/ Closing Ceremony

    (National Youth Councils and MKOTT) Speech by: Mr. Leovigildo da Costa Hornay, Secretary of State for Youth and Sports Timor-Leste


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