2 - 6 August 2016
Centru Convensaun Dili (CCD)

Solidarity Visit : Kampung Parik, Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia

This year the ACS/APF2015 forum aims to have an official Field Trip programme as part of the 4-day event. The learnings will form an important part that will build into discussions in the next few days at the forum.

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Live Webcast

We will be live streaming the opening and closing ceremony as well as the 4 main plenary sessions. Watch this space for updates!
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Final Workshop Sessions

Please note that the committee will not make anymore changes to the workshop sessions schedule. Also, please note that session speakers and participants are required to register to attend sessions. Last updated 19 April 2015.


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    Day 1
    01 Aug 2016
    Day 2
    02 Aug 2016
    Day 3
    03 Aug 2016
    Day 4
    04 Aug 2016
    Day 5
    05 Aug 2016
    Day 6
    06 Aug 2016

    Participants arrival

    **Airport pick-up**

    Community site visits (TBC)

    8:00am - 12:30pm
    1. RAEBIA (Farmers group, Behau)
    2. Alola Foundation (Women group in Taibesi, Dili)
    3. KSI, Haburas Foundation (Local market, Taiss Market and fresh fruits mini market)
    12:30pm - 14:00pm
    Lunch (organized by Organizing Committee) and back to Dili.

    Participants arrival

    **Airport pick-up**

    Launching the Exhibition Event

    **Exhibition Event open for public**

    Open Registration and Confirmation of Participants.

    Welcome dinner and culture night

    **Graced by President of the Republic (TBC)**

    1. Introduction to APF
    2. An Overview of Timor-Leste

    Opening Ceremony

    Traditional dance to welcome participants

    1. Prime Minister/PR of RDTL (TBC)
    2. Representative from the ASEAN Secretariat (TBC)
    3. ACSC/APF2016 Co-Chairs

    Plenary 1

    "ASEAN Community in a Global Community –Regional Norms vs Global Norms"

    Plenary 2 Dialogue

    "Peace Building and State Building in ASEAN Context”

    Celebrating ASEAN Change: People at the Centre (TBC)

    1. H.E. Kayrala Xanana Gusmáo
    2. H.E. Aung San Suu Kyi

    Parallel discussion Session 2

    7 Thematic Issues / Workshops

    Parallel discussion session 3

    6 Thematic Issues / Workshops

    Parallel discussion Session 4

    5 Thematic Issues / Workshops

    Plenary 3 Dialogue

    "Dialogue with ASEAN Bodies”


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